MACAddress model and friends.


SET_NULL(collector, field, sub_objs, using)
ensure_physical_interfaces_created() Utility function to create a PhysicalInterface for every MACAddress in the database that is not associated with any Interface.
find_cluster_interface_responsible_for_ip(...) Pick the cluster interface whose network contains ip_address.
get_maas_logger([syslog_tag]) Return a MAAS logger that will log to syslog.
get_one(items) Assume there’s at most one item in items, and return it (or None).
raise_if_address_inside_dynamic_range(...[, ...]) Checks if the specified IP address, inside the specified fabric, is inside a MAAS-managed dynamic range.
update_mac_cluster_interfaces(ip, mac, cluster) Calculate and store which interface a MAC is attached to.
update_macs_cluster_interfaces(leases, cluster) Calculate and store which interface a set of MACs are attached to.


CleanSave Mixin for model classes.
DefaultMeta Base class for model Meta classes in the maasserver app.
ForeignKey(to[, to_field, rel_class, ...])
INTERFACE_TYPE The vocabulary of possible types for Interface.
IPADDRESS_TYPE The vocabulary of possible types of StaticIPAddress.
IPAddress(addr[, version, flags]) An individual IPv4 or IPv6 address without a net mask or subnet prefix.
IPRange(start, end[, flags]) An arbitrary IPv4 or IPv6 address range.
MAC(value) A MAC address represented as a database value.
MACAddress(*args, **kwargs) A MACAddress represents a MAC address attached to a Node.
MACAddressField([verbose_name, name, ...]) Model field type: MAC address.
MACStaticIPAddressLink(*args, **kwargs) MACStaticIPAddressLink(id, created, updated, mac_address_id, ip_address_id, nic_alias)
ManyToManyField(to[, db_constraint])
Network(*args, **kwargs) Network(id, name, ip, netmask, default_gateway, dns_servers, vlan_tag, description)
NodeGroup(*args, **kwargs) NodeGroup(id, created, updated, cluster_name, name, status, api_token_id, api_key, dhcp_key, uuid, maas_url, default_disable_ipv4)
NodeGroupInterface(*args, **kwargs) Cluster interface.
StaticIPAddress(*args, **kwargs) StaticIPAddress(id, created, updated, ip, alloc_type, subnet_id, hostname, user_id)
TimestampedModel(*args, **kwargs) Abstract base model with creation/update timestamps.
attrgetter attrgetter(attr, ...) –> attrgetter object


StaticIPAddressConflict Raised when trying to allocate a static IP that doesn’t belong to the network the MAC address is connected to.
StaticIPAddressUnavailable Raised when a requested IP is not available.
maasserver.models.macaddress.find_cluster_interface_responsible_for_ip(cluster_interfaces, ip_address)[source]

Pick the cluster interface whose network contains ip_address.

  • cluster_interfaces – An iterable of NodeGroupInterface.
  • ip_address – An IPAddress.

The cluster interface from cluster_interfaces whose subnet contains ip_address, or None.

class maasserver.models.macaddress.MACAddress(*args, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: maasserver.models.cleansave.CleanSave, maasserver.models.timestampedmodel.TimestampedModel

A MACAddress represents a MAC address attached to a Node.

  • mac_address – The MAC address.
  • node – The Node related to this MACAddress.
  • networks – The networks related to this MACAddress.

Return networks to which this MAC is connected, sorted by name.


Return all cluster interfaces to which this MAC connects.

This is at least its cluster_interface, if it is set. But if so, there may also be an IPv6 cluster interface attached to the same network interface.


Return the cluster interface for this MAC.

For an installable node, this is the cluster interface referenced by self.cluster_interface (populated during commissioning). For an non-installable node, if self.cluster_interface is not explicitly specified, we fall back to the cluster interface of the parent’s PXE MAC for the primary interface.


Returns a list of cluster interfaces attached to this MAC address, where each cluster interface has a defined static range.

claim_static_ips(alloc_type=0, requested_address=None, fabric=None, user=None, update_host_maps=True)[source]

Shim to call claim_static_ips on the Interface object related to this MAC.

Updates DNS for the cluster related to this MAC.

set_static_ip(requested_address, user, fabric=None, update_host_maps=True)[source]

Assign a static (sticky) IP address to this MAC.

This is meant to be called on a device’s MAC address: the IP address can be anything. Only if the MAC is linked to a network will this method enforce that the IP address if part of the referenced network.

Calls update_host_maps() on the related Node in order to update any DHCP mappings.

  • requested_address – IP address to claim. Must not be in the dynamic range of any cluster interface.
  • user – User who will be given ownership of the created StaticIPAddress.

A StaticIPAddress. If an IP address was already allocated, the function will return it rather than allocate a new one.


StaticIPAddressForbidden if the requested_address is in a dynamic range.


StaticIPAddressConflict if the MAC is connected to a cluster interface and the requested_address is not in the cluster’s network.


StaticIPAddressUnavailable if the requested_address is already allocated.

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