MACAddress model and friends.


BulkManager() A Manager which loads objects from the cache if it’s populated.
CleanSave Mixin for model classes.
DefaultMeta Base class for model Meta classes in the maasserver app.
ForeignKey(to[, to_field, rel_class, ...])
MAC(value) A MAC address represented as a database value.
MACAddress(*args, **kwargs) A MACAddress represents a MAC address attached to a Node.
MACAddressField([verbose_name, name, ...]) Model field type: MAC address.
ManyToManyField(to[, db_constraint])
TimestampedModel(*args, **kwargs) Abstract base model with creation/update timestamps.
class maasserver.models.macaddress.MACAddress(*args, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: maasserver.models.cleansave.CleanSave, maasserver.models.timestampedmodel.TimestampedModel

A MACAddress represents a MAC address attached to a Node.

  • mac_address – The MAC address.
  • node – The Node related to this MACAddress.
  • networks – The networks related to this MACAddress.

Return networks to which this MAC is connected, sorted by name.

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