Node user-data for cloud-init’s use.


Bin Wrapper class to convince django that a string is really binary.
BinaryField([verbose_name, name, ...]) A field that stores binary data.
CleanSave Mixin for model classes.
DefaultMeta Base class for model Meta classes in the metadataserver app.
ForeignKey(to[, to_field, rel_class, ...])
Model(*args, **kwargs)
NodeUserData(*args, **kwargs) User-data portion of a node’s metadata.
NodeUserDataManager() Utility for the collection of NodeUserData items.
class metadataserver.models.nodeuserdata.NodeUserData(*args, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: maasserver.models.cleansave.CleanSave, django.db.models.base.Model

User-data portion of a node’s metadata.

When cloud-init sets up a node, it retrieves specific data for that node from the metadata service. One portion of that is the “user-data” binary blob.

  • node – Node that this is for.
  • data – base64-encoded data.
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